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Herald is an observability solution that simplifies the deployment of the ELK stack, a popular set of tools used for monitoring the health and performance of software systems. It allows software developers to conveniently collect and explore telemetry data, including logs, traces, and metrics, through a single, user-friendly interface.

Herald pipeline

The Herald pipeline encompasses the main components required to achieve observability: data collection and shipment; data processing and transformation; data storage; and data visualization.

Herald architecture

Herald deploys its pipeline components as containerized applications to the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). It was built by leveraging the capabilities of a number of AWS technologies and resources, including the Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Elastic Container Service (ECS), Cloud Map, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Fargate, Lambda, and more.

Other Projects


A RequestBin-like application for receiving and debugging webhooks (Node.js, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React).


An e-commerce shopping-cart app (Node.js, Express, MongoDB, React).


A task management app that allows users to build todo lists and track their tasks (Node.js, Express, JavaScript, Handlebars).

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